Press Release

February 1, 2015

The fourteenth (14) Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute (NELI) will be held in Jasper, Alberta, from December 3rd to 9th, 2016 for Participants.

The Institute's mission is to assist professional librarians aspiring to leadership roles to develop, strengthen, and evolve their leadership potential so that they may be better equipped to lead Canada's libraries or information service organizations or programs in the 21st century.

Based on the premise of experiential learning, the Institute includes group and individual learning experiences, and the opportunity to learn in conversation with mentors, who have been chosen for their own accomplishments and their leadership skills.

Northern Exposure, at this call, will be targeting forty-eight (48) librarians, with the successful participants chosen from the nominees.

Nominees must: (1) have a desire to develop their leadership potential and aggressively aspire to visible leadership roles in library and information service organizations; (2) have received their library degrees, generally, within the past seven years; and, (3) have a minimum of two year's professional library experience and a maximum of seven years.

Individual nominations will be welcomed from a variety of sources, including employers, associations, library and information studies programs and the corporate information services sector. Those chosen as participants must secure funding to cover the registration fee and transportation to Edmonton, Alberta including any pre- or post-NELI accommodations in Edmonton. Meals, accommodation as well as program and learning materials will be provided while attending the Institute.

Nominations must be received by a date to be determined.

Please direct any questions to:

Ernie Ingles,
Executive Director,
Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute,