An Institute By and For Canada's Library Leaders
Jasper National Park, Alberta
Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute (NELI) to be held December 3rd to 9th, 2016

The Vision

Contribute to the vitality, growth and success of the library profession well into the 21st century, by positioning professionals to be proactive, confident and consequential voices in a dynamic and sophisticated information environment.

The Mission

Enhance professional efficacy in order to assist librarians in developing, strengthening and exercising their individual leadership abilities so that they are more confident and better prepared to create, articulate and achieve organizational visions for the benefit of society.

The Institute

Provides a unique opportunity for professional librarians to share with peers and library leaders a seven day experiential and theoretical learning situation in Canada. Participants will explore and experiment with such leadership concepts as vision, risk taking, creativity, communications, change, power, and styles of leadership-all to be done within a context of self-exploration, evaluation and development. The Institute will also provide an opportunity for those attending to develop integrated professional networks.

The Goals

To instill progressive and effective leadership strategies, attitudes and skills by providing participants with an individual and personal learning experience in order to build a foundation upon which they can develop leadership skills.

The Program

Combines experiential and theoretical learning, with an emphasis on the former. The program will:

  • Engage participants in a discussion about leadership, what it means, how it is recognized, developed and sustained.
  • Expose participants to a variety of leadership styles, including those that are innovative and may fall outside of traditional North American/European thought.
  • Lead participants in a discussion about vision, what it means, how it is communicated and how it is achieved.
  • Assist participants in learning to manage change by making creative connections in order to create opportunities for themselves as individuals as well as for their profession.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to learn from team-base approaches.
  • Evolve the program based on current and validated research.

The Participants

The Institute provides opportunity for librarians who generally are two (2) to seven (7) years out of an accredited LIS program, and have at least two years professional library experience. Participants will be those who have exhibited leadership potential, as well as the ability to share with others their enthusiasm, optimism and vision for library services of tomorrow. They should claim academic excellence and have successful professional work experience.

The Mentors

Notable professional leaders will act as mentors. Mentors will be those who act as team facilitators, guides, coaches, sounding boards and role models-without personally needing "center stage". They will be change agents who can demonstrate leadership qualities consistent with the 'Vision' and 'Mission' of the Institute. Mentors will also engage in group discussions which will provide them an opportunity to talk with participants about what has motivated, helped, hindered and inspired them in their professional activities. Additionally, they may discuss how they have balanced those activities with their personal lives. Mentors will be asked to engage in daily evaluations as well as act as a project team for each Institute, forming a synergistic support relationship with the Institute organizers.